New Moon in Pisces: Mystical Manifesting

canyon mermaid.jpg

The New Moon March 6th is in Pisces, aligned with Neptune … so a double dose of artistic inspiration this month!  This is an auspicious time to sing, write poetry, compose and play music, swim with dolphins and talk to mermaids … just get creative!

Mystical opportunities abound!  Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, also in Pisces … so while most people get all worked up about mechanical and communication breakdowns, remember that’s just the outward appearance. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, invites us to cross into other worlds. This is a super juicy time for inspired thinking, dreaming, and messages from higher dimensions.  

Compassion, pure love and devotion, and forgiveness — all Pisces qualities —  dissolve old patterns of  victimhood/abuse/lack of self esteem/deception.  Once these are healed, we open the doors to mysticism and transcendental reality….  The potential and probability of cosmic re-programming …. Very deep and heady stuff.  

The square with Jupiter and Neptune can help keep us from mere joy-riding and escapism. Fortunately Mars, the planet of action, and Saturn, the planet of work and goals, are in a harmonious trine in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn.  That’s really good news for dreaming our dreams, then grouuuunnnnding them into reality, reaching our goals!  

But wait —  there’s more!  This New Moon also sees Uranus return to Taurus for good, for the next eight years.  We are seeing, and will continue to see, long-term, seismic shifts in our values, from self-centered to community-centered.  

The geological shifts (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteors and asteroid fly-bys) that Earth is experiencing are a reflection of this shift of consciousness. Later this year is the epic, end-of-an-age Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunct in December, culminating in the epic six-points-and-planets extravaganza in Saturn, Pluto, South Node, Jupiter, Pluto’s Node and Ceres January 2020, all in Capricorn. This points to the end of a centuries-long era and the dissolution of toxic, patriarchal and oligarchic structures that have suppressed women, life and consciousness evolution, and the ushering in of sustainable structures that regenerate and restore life on the planet. Capricorn is, after all, a cardinal earth (feminine) sign, so we are seeing a vast shift back to matriarchy, caring and compassion as the foundation of our society.

Uranus’ ingress into Taurus … next eight years


A new era of values has entered the building … based on compassion, Aquarian ideals, kundalini awakening. The new currency is integrity.

The new standard is stillness. Taurus is the bull, and with Uranus in that sign we could either be the bull in a china shop (or the china itself), or Chief Sitting Bull, calm in the center of chaos. The choice is ours.

The new society is progressive, future-oriented, one that accelerates the light body. Nourishment from higher dimensions.  Breathariansim, anyone? ET’s sayin’ hello from the future.  Totally out of the box thinking about the things we care about the most. It’s all available to us.  

Truly an epic New Moon!