April's New Moon: Saturn, Pluto and the South Node

Dang, this New Moon in Aries.  😳

We have Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon all in Capricorn, all in close alignment this month. This is a huge, transformational game-changer and carries a strong karmic signature.

Like, really strong.  Like, turn of the ages strong.

This lineup will most strongly affect those of us with points and planets at 20-25 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra.

As intense as this month will be (see below for specific Stargates of Opportunity), know that it’s a kind of Preview of Coming Attractions for the end of the year, and especially January 2020.  

Where Saturn represents the Lords of Karma, dharma (one’s duties and obligations), responsibility, integrity, accountability and doing the right thing, Pluto is all about our shadow side:  confronting our deepest fears and obsessions, shining a light onto corruption and dark secrets so we can transform and regenerate ourselves and create a sustainable, new society.

Saturn and Pluto will join back together mid-December.

By January 12th, 2020, the Sun in Capricorn will join them, along with:

  • Mercury, planet of communication, transportation and mystical convos with higher realms (phew! We’re gonna need it!).  

  • Ceres, the dwarf planet which rules how we nurture ourselves and the food supply

  • The South Node of the Moon (past-life karmic patterns and behaviors to release)

  • The South Node of Pluto  (another karmic signature, as Pluto represents the soul’s evolution)

  • Jupiter, planet of expansion and God consciousness

  • and bringing up the rear — Asteroid Truth!

Asteroid Truth?  Yes, there is such a thing!  

Yes, I can hear you saying, pchaw!  Why should we care about a little space rock?  

And I say, care.  

All names carry vibrational frequencies. And it’s quite fascinating how these little asteroid guys chime in with the big picture.  

So that’s what’s coming in January.  

A mind-blowing NINE points and planets in Capricorn.  

We haven’t seen a lineup like that in hundreds of years.

Hundreds of years.  Let that sink in.

That’s why this month is so critical.

With Saturn and Pluto at the degree they’ll be when they meet up again in December (both are going retrograde at the end of this month), we get a more than a hint of themes that will be playing out.

Bottom line:  The end of an era.  People leaving the planet.  Regimes falling.  Release, endings, emptying out.  People redefining families, inventing new ones.  Replacing toxic hierarchical, patriarchal structures with compassionate leadership based on Divine Feminine principles of nurturing and cooperation.  A fundamental restructuring of the economy, manufacturing, banking, corporations, and on a personal level, home, family, elder care, real estate, careers, legacies are just some of the things at stake.

In our personal life, we may feel out of control as forces of destiny move through our lives whether we like it or not.  

To that we say, go with the flow.  Embrace change. Trust.  Allow.  Move within.  Find inner stillness.  

Photo: www.eckharttolle.com

Photo: www.eckharttolle.com

Clean up karmas.  

Eliminate toxic relationships, distractions, things you’re attached to or weigh you down.

Take time for self care. 

Do yoga, tai chi, qi gong, whatever conscious practice calls to you.  

Do lots of it.  

Saturn requires us to take responsibility and do the work.  

The evolution of the Diamond Soul.

As the saying goes, pressure creates diamonds.  And diamonds need to be polished to have light shine through. The grind of the wheel is harsh but know that it is creating something of lasting value.  

Yes, sobering.

But if we resist we may pay an even bigger price come December and January.

Dates that are especially key this month:  

March 30th - April 5th: Pluto aligned with the South Node.  Intense confrontation with karmic overtones.  Tread lightly.

Friday, April 12th:  The Sun squares the Nodes. Time to embrace our soul’s path, and move away from old, repetitive patterns that’ve kept us in prison.

Saturday, April 13th:  The Sun squares Pluto.  An evolutionary turning point, especially for the US as its natal Pluto is only 4 degrees away.  The US is approaching its Pluto Return, where Pluto comes back to the place it was in 1776.

Wednesday, April 24th:  Pluto goes Retrograde til October 2nd. We reflect on the progress we’ve made with our own evolution.

Tuesday April 30th:  Saturn and Pluto tightly aligned with the South Node.  The tightest in the last 100 years.  TIme to pay the piper.  A sobering reality check.  Practice compassion.  Also, Saturn goes Retrograde.  We review what we’ve done to get in integrity and be accountable.

Interestingly, the Sabian Symbol for Pluto at 23 degrees is “A Woman Entering a Convent”. (Sabian Symbols describe each degree of the zodiac with a mystical image.)  

Photo: www.i.pinimg.com

Photo: www.i.pinimg.com

The great astrologer Dane Rudhyar describes it as "Total commitment to a transcendent goal” and "the possibility of reaching a world-transcending state of consciousness.”  He concludes by saying “The final goal is the attainment of Transcendent Security.”  

young buddhist nun .jpg

Capricorn 23°

“A Woman Entering A Convent”

Photo: www.i.pinimg.com

Considering the last Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle, which gave us 9-11 and the Dept. of Homeland Security, that’s quite the quantum leap! 

Clearly, the Universe is giving us an unprecedented opportunity this month to go deep within, do the shadow work, purge what’s unnecessary, and, like a woman entering a convent, focus single-mindedly on our soul’s path.  Aho!