Cancer, Capricorn and Commencement

One thing collapses, the other rises.

The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle, which lasts another year, has brought us many eye-opening calls for change.  Cancer rules women, families, mothering, the home, comfort and security.  Capricorn rules government, politicians, corporations, institutions, the structure of society and reality … and of course the lords of karma!  

(Cue dramatic music) 😂

It’s easy to see where the eclipses have been showing us light and the shadow of Cancer and Capricorn, as eclipses are meant to do.  They are, after all, the most powerful event in astrology.  They show us our blind spots and also reward progress. 



 Last summer’s daring Thai cave rescue of young boys (remember that?) showed us what happens when government supports children.  The Mexican border crisis with children in cages, separated from parents, is the nightmarish opposite.

This year, another major Cancer/Capricorn event woke us up:  Notre Dame Cathedral.  Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is associated with large institutions.  The Catholic Church as we all know has been spiraling down in massive pedophilia investigations, and now literally the roof has collapsed.  

Notre Dame interior

Pluto, aka the god of the underworld in Roman mythology, is riding herd this year and next with Saturn, along with the South Node of the moon, another karmic indicator.  We haven’t seen this alignment in nearly 800 years.  Which, btw, is the same time Notre Dame was being built.  The triple conjunct of Saturn, Pluto and South Node is all about the ending of an age. 

Although no lives were lost in the Notre Dame fire, there are serious health issues. Fire investigators uncovered off the chart levels of lead poisoning in the area, as the roof was made of lead.  

And the symbology lines up exactly.  Pluto rules death, poisoning and toxicity, while Saturn rules lead.  Astrology is nothing but symbolic!

So where’s all the Cancer/Cap good news?  

We surely need a boost, and last month we got a really great one:  West Point celebrated the Class of 2019 with the most diverse group ever in its 217-year history and a photo that quickly went viral.  

Thirty-four African-American women and 223 women received diplomas, the highest number since the first female cadets graduated in 1980.  One hundred and ten African-Americans and 88 Latinos graduated out of a class of 980, double the number from 2013.  It’s a fitting salute to the vast paradigm shift taking place:  more women of color moving into the highest levels of leadership, further breaking up the old white male status quo.  

Hasta la vista, baby!  Meet the badass women of West Point.

photo: © Hallie H Pound:AP:REX:Shutterstock

photo: © Hallie H Pound:AP:REX:Shutterstock

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