Eclipse Season: Showdown at the Goddess Corral

Ok, so we just had our Solar Eclipse July 2nd. Check out my podcast on this, too! (Link on homepage).

July 2 2019 SE Washington DC .png

As you can see here in the chart for Washington, DC, we have the Solar Eclipse in Cancer facing off against that big old Saturn-Pluto-South Node in Capricorn freight train. It’s in the 9th house for the USA. The 9th house rules the courts, the justice system, philosophy, wisdom and truth. Saturn/Pluto/Capricorn/South Node, as I wrote about in earlier posts, is showing us the end of an era. The passing of the baton as it relates to the status quo, the way we’ve structured our reality.

These eclipses are in the elements of Cardinal Water (Cancer) and Cardinal Earth (Capricorn). Cardinal signs are leadership signs. They indicate new beginnings, forward movement. Water and Earth are both feminine… so female-centric leadership is a major theme of this cycle, which began last July 2018.

Cancer points to women, families, the home, nurturing, healing, emotions, comfort. Capricorn rules politics, government, real estate, society, corporations, the economy, the status quo, ambition, achievement, responsibility and accountability.

And as a result of these eclipses we’ve seen the most women elected to Congress in U.S. history: our first Native American Congresswomen, Representatives Deb Haaland of New Mexico and Sharice Davids of Kansas. We also have our first Muslim woman elected to Congress, Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), at 29 (yes! her destiny-driven Saturn Return!) the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress.

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Caged children are also a major Cancer-Capricorn issue as it involves Cancerian themes of families and protection at odds with Capricornian themes of government and crackdown. The 3rd and 9th houses in astrology rule the media, broadcasting, writing, ideas and education, so this will remain a critical issue well into next year.

This eclipse cycle was last visited in 2000-2001, so remember back to that time. There were likely family/home changes in the forefront.

We are at the completion of the cipher that brought us 9-11 where the Cancer-Cap questions of homeland and government came up. No surprise that during that eclipse cycle the federal government created the Department (Capricorn) of Homeland (Cancer) Security (Cancer). Now we get to revisit these themes and ask, how do we define homeland and security? What is serving us, and what needs to be ‘eclipsed’ so that a more compassionate society emerges?



This Solar eclipse has Uranus (innovation, breaking free, sudden change and liberation) in Taurus (values) squaring off against Mercury and Mars (communication and action) in that 9th house of truth and justice. Abortion rights as civil rights, LGBTQ rights, prisoner’s rights, global climate crisis, the vegan food revolution — they’re all on the table. So are for-profit prisons (Part of Fortune in the 12th house of prison). The solution to these challenges comes from organized, efficient communication channels and grassroots community outreach, especially among youth.

More on my podcast so do check it out!

May love, peace, compassion and awareness prevail in this most transformative window! Aho!

irlianna samsara