Here Comes The Great American Eclipse Breakthrough


Back in 2017 I spoke at length on the Great American Eclipse. It was such a game-changing, historical event that I gave the same talk nine times. Even in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the eclipse’s epicenter.

Introductions were a bit odd.

“Hi, I know we just met, but today I’m going to talk to you about … pedophilia! “

I told everyone that the big breakthrough of the Great American Eclipse — what is likely the most important astrological event of our lifetime — will not show up for two years. It will start showing up in July 2019, and become exact in August 2019. Seemed like such a long time ago… but here we are!

Epstein got arrested early July and attempted suicide (so they say) a few weeks later. Now he’s dead (so they say.) Pluto is exactly aligned with his Mercury right now, so we are getting two different stories about his death. Nevertheless, investigations uncovering the international pedo ring will continue.

This Thursday, August 15th, big bada BOOM! Mars, the planet of action and drive, will align with the 28 degree Leo eclipse point. Sun and Venus will chime in close to it. It’s a Full Moon, too! PHEW! Talk about things coming to a head. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are ready to shower blessings upon the planet- but first, the darkness must be purged and the foundation reset in light, courage and bravery.

The darkness that for centuries has been concealed amongst the power elite — and more importantly, creates and fuels chaos and violence on this planet — is now coming to light.

Trump’s Mars (the planet of action and drive) is right alongside the Great American Eclipse point, and Regulus, a major fixed star representing royalty and leaders. Both his Mars and Regulus sit on his Rising Sign, the most important point in the birth chart. This is BIG, folks!

While Trump’s been accused of pedo connections as much as Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons, let’s remember that chart of the Vatican shows Neptune EXACT on the GAE point at 28 degrees of Leo. They’ve been majorly hit with pedo cases for the past two years (Cardinal Pell was arrested the very week the North Node entered Leo, in May 2017). And let’s face it, all pedos park their cars in the same garage, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a Vatican connection with Epstein. et al.

Neptune is in the 12th house (rape, abuse, prison, deception, secrets, fraud) in Leo (children) for both Trump and the Vatican.

Who else is getting “eclipsed”? Politicians, prime ministers, royalty, moguls, you name it. Folks at the highest echelons of power.

Sex trafficking is just the beginning.

The rabbit hole goes way, way deeper.

Marianne Williamson hinted at this in last month’s presidential debate.

"A dark psychic force" indeed.

But it’s not just Trump; it’s every person in power is at the very least at the effect of it, or outright participates in it.

It is a pall that has hung over humanity for millennia, prevented our evolution into higher consciousness, and kept us on an endless wheel of war and violence.

Because when you take innocence from a child that registers in the collective.

When it is done on a mass scale the effect is staggering.

But no more. Yup, it’s that big. There’s no more hiding out. No more going back. Mars has arrived. This is the breakthrough of the Great American Eclipse.

Have a listen on the latest podcast here:

It gives guidance and some perspective for moving through these historic times. Aho!

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